Living near Shoreditch, vintage knitwear was inevitable…

I’m a second year PhD student in the Department of Linguistics at QMUL. I primarily work on the morphosyntax of clause structure, with a particular interest in multi-clause configurations such as coordination, adjunct clauses and clause chains.

My supervisors are Hagit Borer and David Adger.

I’m funded by LAHP. Some details of my initial project proposal are summarised here.

Email: t{dot}a{dot}s{dot}meadows{at}qmul{dot}ac{dot}uk

Some research interests

  • Swahili clause structure; the morphosyntax of the “narrative marker” ka-.
  • The content of functional structure; location marking in the clausal spine.
  • Turkish clause structure; the morphosyntax of suspended affixation.
  • Morphosyntax of coordination and adjunction, especially at different clausal zones.

Education / Personal History

  • October 2018 – July 2019: Erasmus+ Internship, Universit√† degli studi di Siena. Supervisors: Adriana Belletti, Luigi Rizzi
  • October 2017 – June 2018: MPhil in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, University of Cambridge. Supervisor: Theresa Biberauer
  • October 2014 – June 2017: BA in Linguistics, University of Cambridge (Downing).

If I’m not doing linguistics, you’ll find me…

  • Cooking
  • Wandering around second-hand bookshops and antiques markets
  • Watching anime
  • Reading: sci-fi/fantasy, philosophy, food writing/history

Some places where I have lived…